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What do I need to get my website online?

  1. A Domain Name
    (You can purchase your domain name at Godaddy or any other domain name registrant)
    A domain name is the name of your website, e.g. www.websitesare.us, which you need to purchase and register with a domain name registrant. The costs are usually around $12 per year, payable to the registrant.
  2. Website Hosting
    (Websites Are Us will provide your website hosting if you don’t have an account with a hosting company yet)
    What is ‘Hosting’? The files that make up your website need to be stored on a web server, so your website is online in the world wide web. If you have bought ‘website hosting’ already, we will use it, if not, don’t worry – you will get it at Websites Are Us (additional fees apply).
  3. Website Design
    (Purchase one of our ‘Turnkey Templates’ or have us custom-design your website)
    Our turnkey websites have unbeatable benefits: They are created using the most popular open source framework WordPress, which ensures that:

    • The code that makes your website is always up to the latest security standards
    • Almost any skilled web designer can help you in case you need assistance
    • Updating your website’s content is as easy as e.g. posting on Facebook
    • You can easily expand your website and install additional features like a shopping cart, a photo gallery, an event calendar, social links or almost anything you may imagine.
  4. Content
    (Usually, we use text and photos we receive from our customers)
    If you don’t have text or photos for your website, don’t worry: we are happy to write your copy, and use royalty-free stock photos (additional fees apply).

With a Websites Are Us turnkey template, will my website look like somebody else’s?

You are the judge:

Here is our original

‘SmallBiz’ Template:

Here is a website based on our
‘Small Biz’ Template:
Here is another website based on our
‘Small Biz’ Template:
Small Business Website Template SmallBiz Wordpress Small Business Website Template 1 Wordpress Small Business Website Template 2

You can see that our turnkey templates are very flexible – you will receive a unique looking professional website with your own content, banner and pictures.

Can I provide my own logo, photos, text?

Sure. You can submit text, logos, graphics, photos and/or any other artwork or items to be included in the design or content of your website before we start your project (there is an additional charge for material that we have to transfer into digital format such as printed brochures). You can either mail or email them to us, or upload them onto our web server.

Do I have to come up with text and photos for my website?

No. If you prefer not to contribute any text, photos or other items, Websites Are Us can write your copy, and use royalty-free stock images from our collection (additional charges apply).

Can I edit my website or add new photos once my website is online?

Yes. Your website will be a ‘Content Management System’ website (CMS), based on the very popular WordPress framework. This means you will be able to log into your website’s back office and easily update its content yourself. You will receive all login data along with basic documentation for editing your website.

Do you provide support after the website is up and running?

Absolutely. For starters, we include 3 months of FREE support after your website is finished. This includes answering any questions you may have per phone or email, and minor edits for up to 30 minutes/month. If you need help at a later point in time, please contact us, and we will be happy to help (additional fees apply after 3 months).

How long does it take?

After we have received the material you want to include and your initial deposit, we will set up your website on our testing server, usually within one work week. Once the final layout and content is approved by you, we will transfer your website to your hosting server. From this point on your website is ‘live’ on the internet.

We can even rush your project for a small fee, so you can have your new website within two to three days.

What, if I don’t like my new website?

We take pride in all our satisfied customers and look forward to giving you the same level of service excellence. Due to the high standard of our work we have the confidence to guarantee our work 100%. If you are not completely satisfied with the appearance or functionality of your web site after we have finished your draft on our testing server, and do not approve the final version, you will get your money back, minus a small administrative fee of $50 to ensure that people do not abuse our satisfaction guarantee.

What is a ‘domain name’?

The domain name (e.g. www.websitesare.us) of each website has to be unique on the world wide web. ICANN, the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers, coordinates these unique ‘domain names’ across the world, and your website’s name needs to be registered with ICANN through an accredited domain-name registrar. Domain Name Registrars usually charge about $12 to $15 per year for the registration of a regular .com domain.

Do I need ‘Hosting’?

Once your website is created, the files that make your website need to be stored on a web server. A web hosting company provides this service by running web servers with special software to ensure the security, accessibility and functionality of your website on the internet.

There are many web hosting companies with a multitude of hosting plans out there, and selecting a good one can be overwhelming. The web hosting fee for a regular website ranges usually between $5 and $10 per month. Extra features like secure payment sites for shopping cart websites can be added for an extra fee, if necessary. In order to ensure that your website has no down-time and can be reached fast and secure, it pays to select a reputable web host with reliable equipment, secure software and 24/7, US based support. After many years of working with different web hosting companies, we have selected Hostgator as our preferred web host. If you don’t have a hosting account yet, Websites Are Us will host your website inside our ‘Reseller account’ at the same cost to you as if you purchased your hosting at Hostgator directly.

Can I use my own ‘Hosting’ account?

If you wish to use your own hosting account at Hostgator, Godaddy, or another reputable hosting company that uses a cpanel, we will use your hosting account. If your company doesn’t use a ‘cpanel’ we may still be able to install your new website for an additional fee. Please note that companies such as Yahoo, Google or Intuit that let you create your own website won’t work with a custom website template from third parties such as Websites Are Us.

I need something really special. Do you provide custom web design services, too?

Yes, we do. Please check out or page for custom web design services.

I already have a website that needs some updates. Do you redesign websites?

Websites can be based on different ‘frameworks’ (such as simple HTML, PHP, ASP or others), and if yours was created a long time ago, chances are that it may be based on an out-dated or rare coding language that does not meet current security standards anymore. To find out about the best way to bring your website up to date, please contact us.

I want to order a turnkey website. How do I get started?

Click here to select your template. Purchase the template you like, and send us instructions how we should customize your website (you may also call us). After we have received any items you want to include in your website, we will start working on it.

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